‘Occupied’ State? Anti-ICE Rally Among Nearly 150 Protests In California

‘Occupied’ State? Anti-ICE Rally Among Nearly 150 Protests In California

“When you think about the fact that Occupy Wall Street states on their website that they began on Sept. 17, that’s pretty impressive that West Coast towns — some of them medium and small — picked up on it almost immediately,” Curran-Strange said…

Social media sites dedicated to the protests claim up to thousands of subscribers.

It remains awesome to see how instantaneous, widespread communication through smartphones, live streaming and other social media has enabled a movement like no other to take hold. Small groups that would be isolated are still able to be a part of the whole, which gives them more staying power than they would have otherwise; also, the fluidity of the way things form and reform online allows for shifting waves of new Occupy actions in response as the political climate changes. We saw it start in Tahrir Square, and it’s a powerful force if we can really harness it well.

They added that the recent interruption that occupiers caused during a protest at the Port of Oakland shows “this movement has broad support and is capable of powerful collective action.”


Life After Occupation

Life After Occupation

As more and more Occupy sites are being shut down or failing to thrive for whatever reason, the issue becomes whether we can shift our format enough to adapt and survive instead of dwindle away. The Occupy movement still, I strongly believe, carries a message that this country needs to hear. If our first strategy iteration isn’t cutting it, then we do need to consider reworking Occupy into something that works and keeps working.

Image as interest: How the Pepper Spray Cop could change the trajectory of Occupy Wall Street

…unless, of course, the authorities redefine it for us first.