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The internet has facilitated a greater and more thorough dissemination of news, information, and current events than anything else in history. Moreover, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others have facilitated the spread of this information and allowed the growth of a truly global community unlike anything else the world has known. A strong community with swift, informative connections will give the Occupy movement a level of interconnected support which might make the difference between splintering and success. In the words of those old revolutionaries, “United we stand, divided we fall.” Today we have the potential to be more united than humanity has ever been before, and we must use this potential to its fullest.

We have learned from the mistakes of our forebears and our current leadership that any time 1% of the population structures and controls 100% of the people, then 99% of the people will grow to suffer. That’s what the 99% really is… not somehow divided from or different than that powerful 1%, but cut off from the participation that we should by rights all share. To identify ourselves as being binary, and to be in opposition to any part of the human world, is to only repeat the same mistakes we are in opposition to now. As such, the Occupy movement must not fall into the same dichotomous trap; the change we want is for all of us, to bring together a whole which has been for too long sharply and increasingly split.

In the furthering of this goal, the Occupy movement needs participation, input, and direction from 100% of its participants. Our camps and groups and cities have to be as close as neighbors, individuals need the ability to jump in and speak as they see, hear, discover or think of something that will contribute to our dedication as a whole… we have to know that even when things are slow in our immediate space, the rest of our family continues to work and act and be acted upon. Our community must be inclusive, responsive, interactive and representative the way we want our government to be… not disconnected, ineffective, and exclusive the way our government is now. The internet gives us the means to do this, and to create the family and unity which might finally be able to succeed on a scale that our predecessors could only dream of.

We’re all here because we have the capacity to care so deeply about what is right instead of what is ordered that it frightens the people who don’t. Ours is a kind of strength that can’t be suppressed if for every local repressive action ten more connected groups out of reach take up the flag and run with it too.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Save The Baby: an open letter to Occupy Reno

    A two-story house is on fire. At a second story window is a toddler, alone, crying.

    A group is gathered on the street below. They are horrified, panicked – at a complete loss. They see the flames, they see the child, yet they are paralyzed.

    The Baby has got everyone’s attention.

    Across the street are a group of philosophers. They observe the crisis and think. What an astonishing sight! But who has left this child alone? Should the house have been made of stone instead of wood? Should any rescue attempt be made only by trained professionals? Is the child’s life worth risking the lives of others? What is the right thing to do, and how do I persuade the others?

    The Occupy movement is unprecedented in our lifetime. It is national, it is global, and it is right here, right now. And we are ALL a part of it. It is OURS.

    Those of us who have answered the call recognize the calling. We know in our hearts and in our minds that this is important, this is historic, and this IS our time.

    To be sure, the global Occupy movement, and the Reno expression thereof are wildly successful. But successful at what, exactly?

    Without question, the one thing that Occupy Reno and the other Occupy movements have been tremendously successful at doing has been RAISING AWARENESS. Just as Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Oakland have, Occupy Reno has awakened the collective consciousness of those who can feel, viscerally, that our voices have been silenced for too long, that government no longer speaks for WE, THE PEOPLE.

    This is not the time for debate on the minutia of corporate personhood, campaign finance reform, or speculative banking. This is not the time for philosophers to gather and argue the merits of horizontal leadership, or the drafting of an all-inclusive platform.

    We need to Save The Baby. Right here. Right now.

    We need to rush in, cast off fear and doubt, and save what belongs to us, right here, right now, without hesitation, because The Baby we love is IN DANGER.

    The danger is that the child, the dreamer, the believer in ALL of us will perish in the inferno of debate and ridiculous prattle. While we stand by and argue the merits of this political system or that ecologic philosophy, The Baby will soon perish, and be lost in the ashes of a November snowfall. (El Nevada de Noviembre)

    What is needed, right here, right now, is for all of us to SAVE THE BABY.

    We must ACT as though our lives depend on it, because THEY DO. We must MOVE swiftly as if collapse is imminent, because IT IS.

    We MUST put aside agendas and ego, and recognize that we have got ONE SHOT at winning. If we delay, the clear and present danger that Occupy Reno will collapse will come to pass. We must act, Right Here, Right Now.

    Go to Moana Pool and join or support the Occupiers RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Embrace and fully provision the Moana Pool Site for the harsh Nevada winter RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Plan AND attend more actions to keep awareness alive RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. March RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Demonstrate RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.


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